Our History

Faith was started in 1972 by a group of believers who saw a need for a gospel witness in the city of Oconomowoc, WI.

In 1974 God allowed us to purchase our current property and construct our first church building. Since that time, brothers and sisters in Christ have faithfully served and worshiped God in the basement of split-level home.

In May of 2019 God allowed us to break ground on a new church building! We were able to partner with Continental Baptist Missions to help us with construction. Five missionary builders and their families spent a year of their lives with us to help the ministry. While a church is NOT the building but rather the people, we are excited for this new tool for ministry.

Moving forward we desire to reach people with the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ and to help one another grow in the grace and in the knowledge of our Savior. As God has given us a new building He has also given us a new mindset for ministry. Our passion is to make disciples of Jesus through studying the Word of God together. We are striving to create a culture where everyone in our church is part of the vital mission God has given us. We want to do life on life ministry that promotes growth and enables us to love the people in our community more and more. We want to live, proclaim, and grow abundantly in the FAITH!

We would love to share with you the "marvelous works" of God that He has done for our church. In this short video we tell the story of how God provided for and made possible our new church building. We serve a truly great and mighty God!